I filtered down all the pictures of the table and cut out the ones I wanted to use and made them into a collage. This took quite long because many were overlapping and drawn with different pens so the quality on each varied when made black and white.

COLLAGE 2 COLLAGE doodles page 3


Chosen Theme

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 22.39.47

My chosen theme for my zine is….. DOODLES !

I want my zine to inform people about doodles telling them:

  • What they are
  • How to interpret them
  • What certain symbols mean
  • How it can benefit you
  • Why we do we doodle

I got to the idea of doing my zine about doodles by being in the lecture theatre and looking at all of the doodles produced by students on the tables.
I have always been a doodler and have always been interested in the hidden meaning behind things, so in the past I have searched what my doodles mean. What I found surprised me because I could actually link what was written about what the different symbols mean and how I was feeling subconsciously at the time.



Typography Composition Activity

The Gestalt Theory of Visual Perception

“Gestalt means when parts identified individually have different characteristics to the whole (Gestalt means “organised whole”). For example describing a tree – it’s parts are trunk, branches, leaves, perhaps blossoms or fruit
But when you look at an entire tree, you are not conscious of the parts, you are aware of the overall object – the tree.
Parts are of secondary importance even though they can be clearly seen
by http://www.users.totalise.co.uk/~kbroom/Lectures/gestalt.htm

Our task: To use the text given to create different posters experimenting with positioning. I learnt that the positioning of text and how bold or big it is can determine how the poster is read. This also applies to symbols or images that you may use (the dot).


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